Exciting and Scary!

Is there anything more exciting–or scarier–than sitting down to write a novel? How about letting other people read it? ImageThis is the experience that I’ve had and I can’t wait to share it with you. Over the next four posts, I’m looking forward to sharing a “writer’s prayer” with you, and I hope it will bless and challenge you. I’m going to break it up into four parts, so we can look at this prayer motto in detail. Let’s start the journey! Okay?



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9 responses to “Exciting and Scary!

  1. Kristal Timm

    You are a great writer! I love you and am so proud of you! You are a blogger now!

  2. Larry: I’m tickled that you’re moving out into the blogging world. I’m sure your posts will contain far more wisdom and Grace than my rantings at http://www.commotioninthepews.com ever have.

    Best of wishes and prayers on your success in this new realm.

  3. Good luck Larry! Keep focused. It gets (not to scare you) harder as you go along. Nice start. Like your prayer.

  4. Great looking blog, Larry. I’m following you!

  5. Mary Gessner

    Just read the first blog and will be anxiously awaiting the entry. Good job! :o) Now, I’m motivated to set up a blog, too.

  6. Mary Gessner

    Well…I meant to say, “I’m looking forward to the NEXT entry. Good job!” augh! :o)

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere, Larry! Looks good!

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