No Identity Crisis

     I love mottos, bumper stickers, and other pithy uses of words. They’re like darts. A few are going to stick, maybe even hit the bullseye. Regardless, creating something that helps keep our minds focused, or at least gives our memories a helping hand, can be important.

     With that in mind, I share with you a prayer motto that I created many years ago. For a long time I applied it to my ministry as a preacher/teacher. Now I’ve chosen to also use it as a guide for my ministry as a writer. Over the next several posts, I’m going to take each part individually. But for now, I invite you to make the entire prayer yours also.

    “Dear God,

     Please help me remember:

          WHO I am, for I’m YOUR CHILD.

          WHAT I am, for I’m YOUR AMBASSADOR.

          WHERE I am, for I’m IN YOUR SIGHT.

          WHY I am, for I’m FORGIVEN.

     In Jesus name, amen.”

     I hope you’ll join me as we unpack this prayer in future posts.

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