Nearing “THE END”

     Don’t panic! This isn’t a post about the cataclysmic conclusion of history. I haven’t secretly been working to break a previously unbroken biblical code, so that I can reveal exactly when the last grain of salt dribbles through the hour-glass of time.

     That’s not THE END that I’m referring to at all.

     (Cue drumroll): I’m talking about my second novel! In spite of obstacles, I hit the 80,000 word mark a few minutes ago, and am working hard to finish the manuscript tonight or tomorrow. Now keep in mind that the word count is the “pre-editing phase” word count. My freelance editor will no doubt put my manuscript on a diet. And I’ll have rewriting to do.

     It’s been a challenging journey to get the book finished. The last couple of weeks has been a comedy or errors…including two hard drive “glitches” that required my computer to go see the doctor, a big steaming pile of outside items that have pulled me away from writing time, and a trip to Barnes and Noble. Ahhhhhh yes, let me tell you about my trip to B&N. I took a personal day yesterday, intending to spend the entire day at B&N writing, drinking snooty (over-priced) coffee drinks, writing some more, editing, writing…writing…and finishing my manuscript, so that I could enjoy a great supper at Freddy’s with my best friend, then glide into my ACFW South-Central Kansas Chapter meeting with a smug glow, and announce, “Look at me, Look at me! I’m holding the flashdrive that has my freshly completed novel.”

     But pride cometh before the fall.

     Pop Quiz: Who do you think showed up at B&N at 10:00 am, opened his computer bag, and discovered that–for the first time in his life–he’d forgotten to pack the laptop’s power cord? Any guesses….hmmmmm?

     So I ran to a nearby electronics store to buy a new ac cord for said laptop. I stared at them…the price didn’t change…so I left without one. Long story short: by the time I drove 30 miles to purchase a used power cord, then drove back, I’d wasted a couple of hours.

     Then the computer worked, but my brain didn’t. All told, I put in about three hours of writing time. Hence, I never got to type “THE END.”

     One piece of advice has glowed during this challenging time:  successful writers are those who refuse to quit.

     If you’re a Christian writer, you’ve been called by God (see earlier posts) to write for Him. And the devil doesn’t want you to do it. Are you going to quit? God wants you to write…the devil doesn’t…YOU get the deciding vote.

     What are you going to decide?


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5 responses to “Nearing “THE END”

  1. Kristal Timm

    Good one, Honey! Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

    • Thanks, Sweetheart. I thank God for the support you give me so I can chase this dream. I couldn’t do it without you. You’re my best friend, my strongest encourager, and my inspiration. Thank you for the sacrifices you make so I can obey God’s call to write about Him. I love you.

  2. gweyant

    We all have days when writing elludes us because of a power cord or because we can’t decide on how to write the weather of the scene. If it is right with our Lord then the words will be there.

  3. Mary Gessner

    I haven’t had a chance to even sit down and read your last blog, or much of anything else lately, and only now (at 12:55AM Saturday night, or rather Sunday morning…sigh…) just read this one. My time is not my own right now. And, just as I was ready to say, “I quit” on my dream of writing, I read your blog and once again hear the LORD’s voice whispering, “Don’t quit, I AM right here beside you, and together WE WILL DO IT.” Thanks for another really good blog. I just need to remember, if I want to be a writer, I just need to write! So simple. PS So sorry about your computer cord, but you made it sound so funny. Couldn’t help but smile.

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