The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Writing is the gift that keeps on giving. Or at least it has the potential to do so. I’m not suggesting that everything we write will eventually become a “classic”, but one of the thrills of writing is that when we capture words on paper we might just create a story that will actively outlive us. One that readers will be enjoying years after we have left this life to be with our dear Lord.

The power of the written word is one reason to approach the calling and craft of writing with proper respect. I’m convinced we should write, not just for the “here and now” readers but for the “then and there” readers. I understand the way stories are told changes over time, and being alert to those changes is wise. But the exciting reality is that truth is timeless.

What truths do we believe are important to our generation? What truths do you assume will be needed in future generations?

I’d love to have you take a moment and answer these questions. Thanks.


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3 responses to “The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Mary Gessner

    This is a really good (great) post. Very well said. And, it’s exactly where I am today with my writing. Until my life calms down a bit, my only real writing, at the moment, will be in my personal Journals (of which I have dozens spanning decades). They will be for my own future reading, and for my children, and maybe grandchildren, after I’m long gone to be with the LORD. This was a very good post. Thanks, again. Computer monitor is trying to die on us, so it’s difficult to read or respond to anything right now.

    • Mary Gessner

      I may have a little more time than I thought. To answer your questions. I honestly believe, at 65 yrs old, the truth that is most important to this generation is GOD is real, HE loves each one of us, HE takes an active role in the events of this world, HE is NOT a passive bystander, and although HE takes pleasure in being involved in our lives and in blessing us HE does not force HIMSELF on us. I also believe this generation needs to know HE is no fool, and we cannot live as we please with no remorse or repentance, and NOT expect to reap some pretty tough stuff. I believe these are the “truths” that will be important to future generations, too.

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