Reclaiming the Power Of Story For God

The secular world lives under the delusion that writing is a neutral art form. They applaud literature that carries humanistic themes, claiming that such writing is agenda-free. And they look haughtily down their upturned noses when we Christian writers dare trespass into their territory and dabble at the task of fiction writing.

Imagine me sticking out my tongue and making a slobbery sound.

I, for one, reject their premise.

As Christian fiction writers, we are not trying to infuse a neutral art-form with good, we are seeking to reclaim a nobel art form for God!

Our God is a communicator–a best-selling author, in fact. He knows something about writing. And He’s never surrendered that area of communication to secular man. Christian fiction not only belongs in the discussion of important literature, it should be the standard! Anything that deviates from wholesome, God-honoring, and Christ exalting themes is substandard writing at best.

Christian writers, we should write with boldness, never apologizing as though we’ve wandered into an area in which we don’t belong. We should stand boldly in the realm of fiction writing, because it belongs to our heavenly Father.

And don’t the themes lauded by secular writers–such as love, renewal, redemption, overcoming, courage, sacrifice, etc…–belong to God anyway?


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