Christian Fiction Will Never Die

The reason that Christian fiction will never die is because truth is eternal. The forms used to express truth may be altered by culture, but the basic “nuts and bolts” of every story are the timeless truths that stay relevant from one generation to another: love, faith, honor, redemption, forgiveness, etc…

Even secular novelists rely on these staples of morality…these elements of a civil society. Most of the time, however, secular novelists are not looking to discover the  source of those moral underpinnings. And since they are not seeking to discover that, their readers most likely won’t find them either. At least not in anything more than abstract ideas.

More than just wanting efficiency in the craft of writing, Christian writers hope to honor the God who gave us the truth. We stand upon the Bible, and seek to be faithful. We know our stories are vehicles. But we also know our stories matter on a level beyond this realm. And we know words are not just words…they are powerful tools, entrusted to us by God for the purpose of communicating His redemptive agenda.

Christian fiction will always be relevant because truth will always be relevant.


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4 responses to “Christian Fiction Will Never Die

  1. Matt Strunk

    Love what you wrote Larry can you recommend a good short story about redemption? I’m starting a new sermon series on Exodus and I was wondering how the the theme of redemption might play out in historical & Christian fiction.

    • Matt,
      I’ll do some checking on the short-story suggestion. As far as Christian fiction novels, let me recommend a website called Fiction Finder. It’s a great source of information for finding books that fall into various categories/topics. It’s a wonderful resource.

  2. Well said, Larry; I completely agree. Thank you for these encouraging words. I am a newbie author and recently finished my first novel. I am new to WordPress and happy to have found you.

    • Kathleen,
      Thanks for the encouraging words. And I really appreciate the fact that you are now following my posts. I look forward to hearing from you again. Congrats on your novel. I’m excited for you!

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