“The Best Is Yet To Come”

A little girl climbed onto her great-grandmother’s lap. She looked at the old woman’s snowy white hair, then at the many wrinkles that lined her face. “Great-Grandma, did God make you?”

“Yes,” the old saint replied.

“Did God make me too?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Well,” said the little girl, “don’t you think He’s doing a better job now than He used to?”

I chuckle at that story, knowing that the little girl hadn’t yet learned that these physical bodies of ours are temporary, and are unable to hide the signs of wear and tear that come with age. She would eventually come to understand that her great-grandma didn’t start off old. It wouldn’t take long to discover that it was time that had carved those wrinkles and had taken the color from her great-grandma’s hair.

As a writer, I know that I only have a limited amount of time to write. And my readers are dealing with the same dilemma. I pray that the stories I write will draw them closer to the God that loves them. If I can urge someone to journey on with renewed strength toward heaven, then I’ve used my time wisely. If I write books that stir readers to a renewed commitment to the Lord, then it’s been time well spent. More than anything in this world–whether in preaching, teaching, or writing–I want to communicate that a God of love and mercy is knowable here, and invites us all into His hereafter.

No one will stumble into heaven accidentally.

That makes the call to write an important task. Time is limited to help point people in the right direction.

Can Christian fiction carry out this task?


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2 responses to ““The Best Is Yet To Come”

  1. xandert

    As long as we keep our focus where it should be – on HIM – you bet! 🙂

  2. Mary Gessner

    I had been grousing around for the last year or so because of a very difficult (make that VERY DIFFICULT) job the LORD dropped into my family’s lap (bless my patient husband & helpful daughter) which has dropped me to my knees more than once (more than once a day many times). I had grown resentful that this “job” (given to us by the LORD) was interfering with my “life” and my time to write the Great American Novel (I’m getting older you understand, not as much time as I once had). That is until just this last week when the LORD finally got it through to me that what HE has given me the privilege of co-writing with HIM isn’t a novel made with paper, pen and ink, but for now I’m called to write something of even greater value in the lives and hearts of two (very trying) grandchildren. I finally get it, LORD. Maybe some day the LORD will also grant my prayer that I, too, can put pen to paper and write another kind of novel…but if not…that’s OK, too. Thanks for the excellent post, as always.

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