“Leaning and Longing”

In his letter to Christians in Philippi, the Apostle Paul referred to his “desire to depart and be with Christ.” His fellow Apostle, Simon Peter, wrote of his eventual death as a departure and said, “the laying aside of my earthly dwelling is imminent.” They both expressed a longing awareness that they would leave this life–as we all will–and travel to a place of eternal reward.

The Bible calls this place heaven. The Christian calls it home.

As a writer I recognize that my readers are on a journey. Many of them are longing for a place they’ve never seen with their physical eyes. They are believers. And there will also be readers who have let their longing for heaven fade. Additionally, there is always the chance that there could be readers who’ve never known the hope of heaven that comes with salvation. They long for something, but they’re not sure what…or where.

So I write with all of them in mind.

Its been said that we lean in the direction of our longings. If we desire something, we will pursue it. Some of my readers are leaning toward heaven…some are not. I want to encourage all of them along the journey. I have two main goals when it comes to my writing. My immediate goal is to write stories that engage and entertain. My ultimate goal is to connect readers with truth….life-changing, soul-stirring truth.

I thank God that He allows me the honor of using the power of story to carry out this task.

What are you longing for?



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4 responses to ““Leaning and Longing”

  1. I appreciate your willingness to address this issue, and agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Mary Gessner

    Thanks! I just now found time to read this and really enjoyed what you said. Personally, I’m longing for a little rest and relaxation right now, then I’m longing for the LORD to show me where my calling is and how I can help my fellow man…or woman. 🙂

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