“Catching Sunbeams”

My four-year-old son was sitting on my lap, his hands reaching into the sunlight that streamed across the chair. “What are you doing, Son?”

“I’m catching a sunbeam!”

He reached, and laughed, and snatched at the ray of light, but each time he opened his fist his hand was empty. But he didn’t care. He was having fun pretending.

For many writers, the process of writing can seem like trying to catch a sunbeam. An exercise in futility. We reach and grab and all we seem to do is swirl the dust specks.

Or can we look at it another way?

I noticed the sunbeam–I mean I really paid attention to it–because my little son’s actions drew my attention to it. His creative powers of pretend may not have captured the sunbeam, but it caught me. After all, I’m writing a post about it! It’s good for writers to be reminded that one of the wonderful blessings of “playing in the sunbeam” is that God may use us to draw someone’s attention to the light.


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2 responses to ““Catching Sunbeams”

  1. A very poetic reflection. The writer’s job is not to “grasp” the truth, but to point to it in such a way that others notice it.

    Nicely written.

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