The Juices Are Flowing Again

Okay, so this is a personal-type post. Many months ago I shared that I felt I was in a fog on my writing journey. For the time being at least, the fog has lifted. I’ve just finished polishing entires for a contest and then sending them off. They’re out of my hands.

Now it’s time to create. And I’ve got a few ideas competing for attention in my brain. Or, as writers will surely understand, the boys in the basement are sending up some good stuff. And the creative juices are flowing!

First, I am anxious to finish some proposals for my second novel. Then I will be sending that proposal to a few agents. No reason to be nervous there…right? [insert sound of dry heaves].

Then I have to decide which of the ideas careening in my cranium is going to be the one to turn into my next Work In Progress.

When you have more than one idea for a story, how do YOU decide which one to go with? I’d really appreciate hearing your reply to this.



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12 responses to “The Juices Are Flowing Again

  1. Mary Gessner

    I’m “working” on a couple right now, but one just keeps “pulling” at me…that’s how I choose. But, since I’m still unpublished, as of yet, I may not be the best one to give ask. Can’t wait to see your novel, though. Especially, if it’s the one I’m hoping it is. Praying for you!!!

  2. Dr. Timothy E. Caldwell

    I follow your posts my friend. I admire your creative mind and tender heart delivery. You earned your place at the ‘table’. You, and all those that bring “THE WORD”, are messengers to those that seek to know him.

    Praise GOD!


    I look forward to this problem. Ideas rumble around in my head, but I can’t pay much attention to them. I’ve only written one novel, and every time I think it’s finished, an agent or a critique partner or a revelation from an article by a writer shows me it is, in fact, not yet finished.

    So I’m still editing. I suspect once I catch me an agent, I’ll move on to the project most different from my first novel. That should force me to stretch myself, and not live in the past.


  4. I would make a quick outline with both. One of them will will be longer–ideas coming and filling in the spaces. Or, maybe you will end up intertwining them both into one story!

  5. When an idea hits, I make a box and put pictures, ideas, notecards with scribbles, research aids, etc, in it whenever they fall in my lap. Then as they sit on the shelf, they are also perculating in my brain. Prayer tends to bring the winner to the forefront. Right now the one that would make the most sense for me to work on is not the one haunting me. That tells me to throw common sense to the wind and go with the Ghost, the Holy Ghost that is. 🙂 Happy writing, friend!

  6. I enjoy mapping out scenes, writing the first two chapters, entering ’em in contests, and then letting judges’ comments decide which ones are worth chasing.

    • I suppose it’s true that judges can offer comments that help clarify a direction for us. And since I’m a “Pantser”, I always feeling like I’m chasing my stories to see where they’re going to take me. Thanks for the good input, Bethany.

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