“Wounded Warriors”

Writers are some of the bravest people I know. They march into the kingdom of darkness–following the lead of their Lord–and seek to do battle with the evil hosts that lurk within.

And they write.

Christian writers bear the burden of conviction, the weight of mission, and the scars of their past. And a keen awareness of their present weakness. They need not look often to know that the baggage from their own past is dragging along behind them.

And they write.

The enemy of our souls–of all souls–tries to stop them. He tells them that they are not as good as “so and so.” He reminds them of hurtful comments. And mocks their attempts to move forward on the writer’s journey.

And they write.

As they sit to write stories that stab his veil of darkness with the sharp power of words, and threaten to open avenues of light for others, the devil retaliates with lies. “Your Work-in-progress is terrible,” or “Your last book was a failure…and that means you are too.” He spews discouragement, threatening them with weariness and doubt. Tempting them to give up.

And they write.

He offers them the sweet taste of arrogance and pride, and tries to make them believe that they are a star…one that shines brighter than the Nazarene. Satan’s flattery is lined with razor-sharp blades that cut as the writer swallow his lies, the cuts opening wounds that bleed away their joy.

And they write.

Dear God, Someone reading these words today needs Your help. They have grown discouraged under the weight of our enemy’s deceit. They can feel his hot, foul breath on their necks and they are feeling defenseless before him. They have started to question Your calling in their life. They are ready to quit. Please, Father, come to their aid, and assure them of Your never-ending presence. Refresh their soul. Heal their wounds. Send them a friend. And return to them the joy of their salvation. And then…they write. In Jesus Name, so be it.”


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7 responses to ““Wounded Warriors”

  1. You’ve done it again, Larry!
    WOW – The prayer alone is amazingly on target. Thank you!
    I was going to archive this until later when I saw the title – but as I opened it to save I saw THEY WRITE down part way – OH YEAH – WE WRITE and it’s HARD HARD WORK – a CALL I don’t want to miss even when the enemy walketh about seeking whom he may devour – I too often thinks he’s found my address way too many times.
    Thanks, Larry for putting this so well!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. I’ve been steadily receiving rejections for submissions these past two weeks. The response theme has been “good news/bad news” – generally, “We like how you write, but the piece sort of drops off a cliff at the end.”

    Instead of self-destructing, if I can just figure out ways to “bring it all home” at the end, I should be in good shape.

  3. Mary Gessner

    I’m one of those meant to read this…I, too, was ready to quit. Some days just finding the time to take a quick peek at fb, is all the writing (or reading) I’ve been able to do. This fits on many levels. And, the prayer was right on target. Thanks!

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