Clash of Kingdoms

Kingdoms–there are only two. Period. And you are a citizen in one of them. So is every human being on the face of this earth.

The Kingdom of Darkness manifests itself in evil and death. It’s “king” is Satan.

The Kingdom of Light manifests itself in good and life. It’s King is Jesus.

I write because I want people to know which kingdom they are in. I write because my Lord Jesus Christ came to sacrifice His perfect life so that I could be transferred from Satan’s domain/kingdom to God’s Kingdom. Yes, at one time I was a citizen of the kingdom of darkness. So were you.

In the midst of the darkness that has filled Boston and, via television and radio, has settled over your corner of the world, please know that the end has already been determined…and Jesus will be victorious. I write because I know that my Savior lives and on the earth will take His stand. I write because even though our struggle is not ultimately against flesh and blood, yet millions of flesh and blood human beings are captives of the dark kingdom. And Jesus wants them to be free.

I preach, teach, and write because I want to contribute to the destruction of the kingdom of darkness. My King–the King of kings & Lord of lords, Jesus Christ–said that He came to destroy the works of the devil. It is my honor to join my Master in that battle, knowing that my strength is in Him, which is the only way I can experience victory.

The manifestation of evil–in Boston or wherever–does not make me want to quit writing, it makes me want to write more than ever.





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4 responses to “Clash of Kingdoms

  1. Amen, Larry!
    Very well said – I’m of the same mind!

  2. Mary Gessner

    Excellent. Very well said.

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