Top 10 Reasons People might be glad I’m not going to the ACFW Conference this Year.

The American Christian Fiction Writers Conference is less than a week away. People are packing bags, picking wardrobes, pressing kilts, and preparing one sheets. But not me. Sniff…sniff. This year I will not be attending. And that got me to thinking (ouch!).

Here are 10 reasons people might be glad that they won’t see Larry W. Timm in Indy.

# 10:  No one has to watch the pathetic display where I stand in a corner and try to work up the courage to walk up and talk to one of my favorite authors.

#  9:  There will be a few less dumb questions asked in the workshops.

#  8:  None of those awkward, “I’ve got one ear lower than the other…what’s deformed about you?” conversation starters.

#  7:  Michael Ehret or Peter Leavell won’t have to introduce me with the phrase, “I’m sorry for doing this, but have you met Larry Timm?”

#  6:  No one will have to witness me get on…off…on…off…on…off the elevator until I remember which floor my room is on.

#  5:  The local pizza delivery people won’t have to “stand by for emergency delivery to the crazy guy who claims the voices in his head are hungry.”

#  4:  No murmured questions about the misuse of plaid.

#  3:  There’s much less of a chance of hearing, “Hey, look what I can do with this pudding!”

#  2:  No one has to see my Salute-to-Spandex outfit at the costume dinner.

And the #1 reason people might be glad I’m not going to the ACFW Conference:

#  1: More BACON for everyone!

Hey, have fun everybody. I hope you have a great time.



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13 responses to “Top 10 Reasons People might be glad I’m not going to the ACFW Conference this Year.

  1. I still wish you were going. In spite of all that. Looking forward to meeting you in the real world someday. 🙂

  2. Mary L Gessner

    Needed a laugh today. Thanks. :o)

  3. Love it! Of course, we all know you’re a blessing, but yeah, watching grown men convulse and gnaw their fingernails to nubs is never a pretty sight. 😉

  4. Lol. Larry, Larry, you’re a blast!

  5. LOL, Larry. I won’t be attending either, and I feel your angst and relief.

  6. You crack me up! But you missed OUR # one reason, which is we won’t have to remind you not to blow your nose on your one sheet. ;o)

  7. Gary L. Wade

    Yeah, I can identify with #10 at my first conference, which was also in Indianapolis, and when I was there, speaking of #1, I remember at least one breakfast that was very bereft of bacon—only asparagus! That’s just wrong!

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