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“Top Ten Bad Back Cover Blurb Ideas”

These would probably be really bad ideas to include on the back cover of your book.

#10:  “If you hate this book as much as my mother did, you’ll get your money back.”

# 9:  “Why buy this book when you can get it at the library?”

# 8:  “Scratch & Sniff section inside!”

# 7:  “The blank pages at the end are so you can write your own dumb ending.”

#6:  “Book Two will probably be a lot better.”

# 5:  “There’s not going to be a movie. Get over it!”

# 4:  “Discussion questions? Are you crazy? It was hard enough to write the stupid book!”

#3:  “Here’s a few hours of your precious time, you’ll never get back!”

#2:  “This is Christian fiction…if you don’t like this book, it means you’re a pagan.”

# 1:  “What a coincidence…the ISBN number and my Social Security number are exactly the same!”

Any other bad ideas?



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