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From Eden to Ear Hair

We could have had it so good in the Garden. But Adam and Eve got kicked out. And it’s been a downhill spiral since then. We inherited a life of toil, pain, suffering, and death. Our bodies, once meant to endure forever, are now something less than perfect.

We’ve gone from perfection to infection…from immortality to death…from Eden to ear hair.

Thanks, Adam.

But I can’t put the blame on Adam…not entirely. The Holy Word of my Holy God tells me that I have sinned too. Adam isn’t accountable for my sins…I am. The guilt is mine. Theologians can argue whether I was born in sin or became guilty when I reached an age of accountability and willfully sinned, but in the end it’s a moot point (at least for the purposes of this post). All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

What can we do? Is there anyway to reverse the curse?

The answer to those questions is the reason I write. And the reason I have something to write about. Furthermore, whether I write blunt statements about God’s truths or layer in subtle elements of spiritual reality, I know that I have information about the “double cure” from sin. And God has called me to write about it. He has called me to proclaim His answer to the guilt and the power of sin. He has allowed me the privilege of sharing HOPE. And I want all my stories to have that element, because humanity desperately needs it.

We will never get back to Eden. We are stuck in decaying bodies on a decaying planet, and time is running out. And I want people to know that Jesus (i.e. the “second Adam”) has come to shine light into darkness, to offer life were death know reigns, and to promise something better than Eden.

It’s called HEAVEN. What an example of grace and mercy it is that this sinful man is allowed to write stories that point people in that direction.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go trim my ear hair, and then get back to writing.

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