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The journey of being a novelist is often noted for its solitary confinement. We sit at our keyboards and attempt to give birth to a dream, a calling, a passion. We place words on a page like a painter carefully brushes colors across a canvas. It is hard work. And it is the kind of hard work that no one else can do for us. We have to write our stories.

There’s no graph in the front of any novel that charts the ups and downs the writer met during the writing of that book. And if we’ve done our job well, the reader will not think about the author when they’re nose is buried in the book and they are “in the story.” It is, after all, all about the story that God has given us to write.

One of the sources of encouragement that jolts us with bursts of energy is the opportunity to meet other writers who understand the journey. In other words, they’re as weird as we are. Some of these people are published authors, but many are still trying to get their foot in the door. I am blessed by them all in so many ways.

Friends like Joe Courtmanche, whose vibrant personality blesses me in countless ways. Joe has a blog www.commotioninthepews.com I encourage you to visit it and enjoy his wide-ranging posts. Joe is one of the most decent people I’ve ever met and I’m glad to count him as a friend. And I am confident that it won’t be long until you are reading one of his books. Another friend is Karl Bacon. Karl has written a book called An Eye For Glory. It’s an amazing book that captures a slice of time during the Civil War with characters that will grab your heart and open your eyes. Go get that book now….run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore, or download it in e-book form. You’ll be glad you did. I happen to know that he has a second book done, and hopefully it will soon be available for readers.

I mention these two good men because they represent the kinds of people who work hard to tell great stories. They, like the many great writers in Christian Fiction, are wonderful examples of giftedness expressed through humble spirits. There are others I could mention, like Deborah Raney and Nancy Mehl, who are great examples of humble stewards in the Lord’s service.

Writers, at least the ones I’ve met, are people who love their craft, love their readers, and–most importantly–love their Lord. I’m honored to know them.



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What makes you read or write?

     I’ve always loved reading books. And my wife and I have tried to instill that love in our children. We took them to libraries when they were tiny Timms. In fact, I’m surprised that one of them wasn’t born between two bookshelves.

     The discipline of reading is essential to the survival of a society. Illiteracy erodes generation after generation, until–like the Hebrews during their darkest days–a generation comes along that’s ignorant of their heritage because they have no want (or ability) to read the documents in which that once great heritage is captured. That’s why illiteracy in the USA, and in the church overall, has such catastrophic consequences. illiteracy breeds ignorance, which breeds contempt, which breeds apathy, which breeds the lack of ability or desire to think.

     I’m convinced that every writer should be a reader. We should read often, and read widely–daring to step out of our genre. A few of my favorite writers–such as Deborah Raney, Nancy Mehl, Karl Bacon–are not just suspense writers. Their books contain suspense, but they are very good in so many other areas (romance, or historical fiction for example). But I learn from them…the way they describe things, use different interesting phrases to describe things, etc… I love to read Terri Blackstock and Brandilyn Collins. And not long ago, I read The Stand by Stephen King. I learn so much about writing by reading people who excel at it. And I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes addict for years. Is there a support group for that?

     Why do you love to read? Why do you want others to love to read? Why do you want others to pick up a copy of your book and read it?

     Please share your answers with me. I’m looking forward to reading them. I might just learn something.

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