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My Prayer in the wake of tragedy.

Dear God,

I can’t imagine the horror experienced by so many families today. And I can’t understand the evil that caused it. Please help the parents whose children were taken by this horrible tragedy. Please help the brothers and sisters who lost siblings. And please help the children who survived physically but will be wounded emotionally for the rest of their lives. Please help everyone connected to this event.

Father, my emotions have ranged from fury to utter despair. How long, oh Lord, will You wait to judge this earth? How long until You avenge the blood of the innocent?

The conscience of America is bothered–offended to the core–by the reports of this murderous rampage. The sights and sounds are coming so fast, so relentlessly…. We are rightly outraged by the killing of 20 innocent children. Innocent. Children.

I am scared, God, because I know that no matter what we do, evil will find a way to strike. I can’t stop it. No human can. I am filled with hatred for our enemy…our ultimate enemy, Satan. As Your Son told us, Satan has been a murderer from the beginning, and He seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Please, dear God, stop him soon.

You have blessed me with the honor of being a father. I can not imagine losing one of my children in such a violent way. I can not imagine wanting to live another day. Please, please, please help the mothers and fathers in Newtown, Conneticut.

I feel so utterly stupid, so completely unable to make sense of my words. I want to scream. I want to curse. So much evil…so much death. They were just children, Lord. I’m sorry…yes, I would be appalled if it happened in a nursing home or coffee shop, but there seems to be no worse kind of evil than the kind that would harm children.

In the midst of this all, I’m wondering what pain this must cause Your heart.

Please help us all.

In Jesus Name,




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