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Facebook Author Page

Well, I’m about to attempt to create a Facebook Author Page. I’ll give you a minute to calm down before I continue…….go ahead and clean up the confetti, put up the whip cream, and let your hands cool down from the multiple high-fives you just gave to passing strangers…okie dokie, let us continue. I started the process–and being the techno-pee brain that I am–am already waiting for a friend to call me to explain how I might go about fixing a problem. But I am confident that it will be fixed and the page will be up and running soon.

“Is there anything I can do to help, Larry?” (Go back…yes YOU…and read that question out loud). Gee, thanks for asking!

Yes-siree-bob, there IS something you can do. You can look for my announcement on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in future blog posts, that invites you to visit my AUTHOR’S PAGE and click the Like button. Wash your hands first, if you must, but then push the button. I will be very grateful to you. In fact, I will hug my laptop and pretend it’s you. It means that much to me…not the laptop, but the fact that you would be willing to go to my AUTHOR’S PAGE and click Like.

So when will the announcement come, giving us the incredible opportunity to click Like on your AUTHOR’S PAGE? [Larry shrugs, sips his Dr. Pepper, then realizes he has to make up an answer…]

“Ummmmmm……..pretty soon.”  🙂

In all seriousness, having you partner with me in my writer’s journey is an honor I do not take lightly. I believe that I have been entrusted with the humbling stewardship of story, and I want to reach as many people as possible with the life-changing, soul-stirring truths of God, and story is a powerful vehicle with which to do it.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, and I’ll look forward to seeing you over on my Facebook AUTHOR’S PAGE soon. I couldn’t do this with out you. I appreciate you all.


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How To Remain Unpublished

Here are the top ten ways to guarantee that you never get published:

  • 10:  Actually believe that your mother knows more about the publishing industry than the professionals do.
  •  9:  Don’t let yourself get bogged down with learning the craft. You probably know it all anyway.
  •  8:  Become addicted to Facebook & Twitter, and then wonder why you never have time to work on your manuscript.
  •  7:  Embrace paranoia by assuming that every piece of criticism is actually aimed at you and your mother personally.
  •  6:  Chose 4000 cable channels, the top-end smartphone plane, and eating out several times a week as more important that buying writing books and going to conferences.
  •  5:  Even though you’re unpublished and know everything, assume that other unpublished writers don’t know anything about writing becasue…well, they’re unpublished.
  •  4:  Wait for the publishing industry to wise up to your writing prowess, rather than learning what it takes to get published. So why waste time on them?
  •  3:  Send a nasty note to each agent or publisher that rejects your obviously brilliant manuscript. Or go on Facebook and say bad things about them.
  •  2:  When an editor says that you have a severe POV problem, respond by saying that you’ll get right in to see your doctor because he probably “has a cream for that.”

And the number one way to insure that you never get published:

  •  1:  Never finish a manuscript. Just keep polishing the same three chapters…year after year after year.

Any other suggestions?


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PLATFORM…it’s a buzzword that gets attention. Depending on the person using it, it can mean having a blog, a Facebook page (or two: a personal page and a fan page), learning to tweet regularly, and a host of other “look-at-me” possibilities. As a writer trying to get noticed so that people will read what I write, all these things seem to be part of the process.

But I’m noticing that building a platform can become one of the biggest “time-suckers” and can leave me with little energy to do anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on this journey with stubborn commitment  I WILL do what is required/expected to stay teachable and focused. I will listen to those who’ve been there and done that. I’m not smarter or more called than those who have gone before me. I have great respect for Christian fiction writers who not only have worked to reach levels of success, but who remain there. It’s not easy!

But in our pursuit to build a platform, may we not forget our number one priority: to follow Jesus in total submission by loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Lets not substitute our platforms for our foundation. Building a platform is great if it’s built on the Rock.

How do YOU keep your priorities straight?


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