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“The Ballad of Shakespeare & The Floating Body Parts”

Welcome to a moving ballad that is sure to add depth and inspiration to your writing journey. And it will undoubtedly leave you asking the emotional question: Floating Body Parts–To be or not to be?

I stood toe to toe with Willie Shakespeare

and he tried to make me lend him my ears,

so I put my foot down and held out my chin,

and my eyebrows flew up and then down again.

I threw up my arms and then dropped my face,

and then rolled my eyes all over the place.

I tossed back my head and held out a hand,

and my fingers went flying all over the land.

He got so mad he hurled his fist,

I kicked up a leg and threw out my hip.

I curled my toes and my skin started to crawl,

and my feet took off running right down the hall!

I twisted my neck, my hair flapped in the breeze,

My heart climbed in my throat, I started pumping my knees,

then wild Willie stopped, his mouth screamed, “Et tu, Brute?

And my mind started asking, “What did he say?”

His gums rambled on about the smell of a rose,

till my cheeks flushed red and I turned up my nose;

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head,

Why was I running from a dude who was dead?

I awoke from the dream and gritted my teeth,

it wasn’t real…oh, what a relief!

The lesson, my friend, is quite plain to see:

Shakespeare and floating body parts just aren’t for me!


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