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I’m now entering into the next phase on my latest book. I just sent it off to the editor!

I love the editing process. It’s not always easy, but seeing my story get stronger is worth every stroke of red ink that goes onto the pages. After all, it’s all about the story isn’t it? Shouldn’t I want the strongest manuscript I can produce?

Another reason I love going through the subtraction/addition dance that is editing is because I learn more about the craft of writing. And that helps me to become a better writer. It’s a win/win.

As a Christian, I’m being “edited” also. God refines me daily, and that isn’t always an easy process. But it’s worth it. He wants to make me the best living testimony I can be in this life. He takes and He gives according to what best fits HIS purposes for me. It’s the clay/Potter thing. He has the right (& perfect knowledge) to “edit” me as He wishes.

I want to grow as a writer. But it’s far more important to grow as a Christian, because my life as a Christian is published every day.  If I humbly submit to God’s loving hand, I will see His work in my life. He will shape me. And He knows what He’s doing. I pray that I stay teachable before Him. And the wonderful truth is, that if I’m growing as a Christian, I’ll be growing as a writer at the same time! I’ll have more stories–deeper stories–than I would otherwise have the maturity to write.

Christian Fiction Writer, let me ask you a pointed question: what steps are you taking to grow as a Christian

We write out of relationship. If we’re not walking with God, we have little to say. But if we are walking with God–and our relationship is daily feeding us–we have more to say than our lifetime will allow.

What helps YOU grow as a Christian? I’d love to hear your comments.

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