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Bad Book Ideas

Let me bounce a few book ideas off you. Let me know what you think, and feel free to share some of your own.

These first two were part of an article I wrote for The ACFW Journal.

I’m think of writing a book about Amish Vampires, and calling it Buggy Bites. Do you think that would be a book that readers could sink their teeth into?

Then there’s the story idea I have which revolves around the lives of old maids in a church sewing circle. I’m thinking of calling it The Jilted Quilters.

Then there’s the rather risky thriller about a group of Nuns who rob banks and are on the run from the law. Oh, it will be titled Bad Habits.

Next will be the contemporary fiction adventure about men who are in charge of snack food at a monastery. The working title for this sure to be best seller is The Chip Monks.

How about a book that puts the reader in a high seas experience? Yep, got that covered too. I’m secretly working on a story about elderly pirates. It’s going to be called Sunken Chests.

Then, for those who want a story with more Biblical relevance, I’m thinking of stepping into the non-fiction world with a devotional book for people who love Chinese food. The title of this masterpiece will be Wok Through The Bible.

And finally, I’m returning to the realm of fiction with a soul-searching book about an Austrian body-builder turned actor who secretly pursues his life-long passion to be a classical composer. This book will be called I’ll Be Bach.

Okay, your turn. Any thoughts? Book ideas?



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