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Your Last Story

If you could only write one more story, what would it be about?

I’ve been preaching through Second Timothy, and have been struck with the “lastness” of it. (Yes, I realize that’s not a “real” word). Paul sensed his end was coming and he penned a last letter to his child in the faith, Timothy. He had parting words to put down on paper…last things to pass on.

As a writer, especially if you write Christian fiction, what if you were told that you had enough time left to complete one final novel–what would be your story? If you can put the idea down on paper, when are you going to write it? Why aren’t you writing it now?

Each story that we write is seen by the eyes of God first, before anyone else takes a peep at it. Is He pleased with what you’re writing? How do you know?

I’d love to hear how you’d finish this sentence:  “If I could write just one more story, it would be about ______________________________.

Shouldn’t we be living–and writing–like our current work-in-progress might be our last?

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