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The Power of Outloud

I love it when my wife reads out loud to the children. I enjoy listening to the story as much as they do. I suppose I’m just a big kid. But hearing a story being read with emotion, helps me enter into the scene. I try to view the story in my mind, just as if I were watching it on a TV screen.

There is power and clarity that comes from reading out loud, especially if it’s something you’ve written. You can catch mistakes. You’re putting yourself in the perspective of your readers and the story is appearing before your eyes in a new way. If you are reading along and stumble over the way something is worded, likely your readers will to. And we want to avoid that. At all costs.

I recommend doing both: reading your work out loud to yourself, and having someone else read it out loud to you too. Each brings a different emotional interpretation to the reading. Each sees the characters somewhat differently. That is priceless information for a writer to have while going through the revision stage.

Have you ever read your work out loud? Have you ever had anyone else read your work back to you? What did you learn from the experience?

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