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“Seeing With Your Ears”

Would you be willing to try something for five minutes? It’s safe, legal, and free. Ready? Great! Here’s the idea:

Find a comfortable place and stand/sit there for five minutes with your eyes closed.

Listen–really listen–to what is around you. How would you describe what you are hearing? Were the sounds layered? Was there one predominate noise that took charge of the space? Did sounds come from many directions? Distances?

When speaking to blind people and how they function and interact with the world, many times we learn that they see with their other senses. Their ability to hear, smell, or even taste their environment often leaves them more acutely aware of their surroundings than those of us with sight. I’m certainly not saying that it’s good that they are blind, nor am I saying that those of us who aren’t should want to be blind. Not at all. But I am saying that the privilege of sight often is allowed to overpower our other senses. And we need all of our senses to work at a high level if we’re going write stories that capture our readers from page one. But for this post, let’s concentrate on the sense of hearing.

Back to my original challenge:  Will you try this experiment once, then let me know what you observed with your ears? Write a reply to this post and share with my readers. I can’t wait to hear–or should I say see–what you discovered.


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