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Top 10 Ways to Serve God as a Writer

#10:  Make your writing a celebration of God’s love, not an attempt to earn it.

#9:  Stay amazed by the creative process in which God has allowed you to take part.

#8:  Realize that writing is a privilege not to be taken lightly.

#7:  Be diligent to keep yourself humble & teachable.

#6:  Approach writing as a ministry instead of a hobby.

#5:  Recognize the responsiblity that comes with being a “steward of story” who is entrusted with the power of words.

#4:  Take time to be a blessing to other writers.

#3:  Embrace contentment while pursuing excellence.

#2:  See Writing as an act of worship.

#1:  Know that, as a Christian Writer, you are involved in spiritual warfare. Believe YOUR writing can be a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness, a source of comfort and healing to the wounded, a line of encouragement and strength to other Christian soldiers, and can bring hope and victory to those who need to be freed from the power of the evil one.



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Between Heaven & Hell

When I sit down to prepare for the incredible task of communicating for God, I keep one thing at the front of my mind: I am smack dab on the front lines of a spiritual war. It’s a war that has raged ever since Satan decided to no longer submit to Almighty God.

Sadly, there have been times in my life when I fought for the wrong side…the losing side. But the love of God, revealed through the Lord Jesus, allowed me the be born-again. To borrow words from Paul’s letter to the Colossians, I’ve been transferred from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s beloved son.

And I want to write stories that show characters in real life situations who experience the hope that God can bring to any life. I do write stories that include darkness, but I do that so that I can show how the light of God can conquer that darkness.

Yes, I believe that my writing is part of the spiritual warfare that is going on beyond the veil. All around us. Every day.

Ready. Aim. Fire.


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