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Writers and Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)

(see previous post for Part 1)

Our only weapon in the spiritual battle is the Word of God. Let’s be clear on that. The stories we write do not take the place of God’s living Word. In fact my stories are only effective if they are based on firm scriptural truth. I need to think of them as a “this is how God & His Word brings victory in place of defeat, light in place of darkness, life in place of death” applications of what God’s Word reveals.

So if you and I, as writers, are not feeding from the Bible, we have robbed our writing of its most powerful–life-giving–force. The kind that touches souls and not just emotions. And we are cutting our readers off from the only supply line that really matters.

So while we are well equipped for spiritual warfare, there is another great truth that we need to remember: we are not alone. Please re-read those last four words again. One more time–this time put “I” in place of “we”. Do you remember the last part of the quote from St. Francis de Sales that began Part 1 of these posts? It said:

…for without being seen, they [angels] are present with you.

We are not alone. We’re not alone when we pray for God to give, then bless story ideas. We’re not alone when we develop characters and story goals. We’re not alone when we bang out word after word after word, only to cut or replace many of them. We’re not alone when we stare at the blinking cursor on our screens and wonder if we even know what we’re doing anymore. We’re not alone when the story rushes out of our minds & souls like a flash-flood sweeping down a muddy mountainside. We’re not alone when we type “The End” or when we finish polishing that proposal and with trembling finger punch the Send button. We’re not alone during those tortuous weeks or months when no response plops down in our Inbox. We’re not alone when the rejections come. And we’re not alone when God says “Yes” and we sign a contract and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


God never abandons His troops. We are surrounded by a reality beyond the veil. Like the servant of Elisha, we need to know that the hills are filled with God’s mighty angelic warriors.


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