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What goes in matters

My wife just looked at me, laughter escaping around the hand she’d pressed over her mouth. Seconds before, she’d confessed to me that the brownie I’d just nibbled on had a secret ingredient in it:  black beans! I’m not kidding.

Black beans all smushed up and put into brownie mix. That’s just wrong. Some unstable person had put a recipe in a cookbook and claimed that it was a healthier way to make brownies. Why do I think that person tries to convince her family that the tofu she’s shaped into a ham for Christmas is “really good for you.” She needs help. Who thinks of stuff like that? And why?

The ingredients in a recipe may allow for some fudging (pun intended), but the heart of Christian Fiction doesn’t.

Content matters. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can by what’s between the covers. And there’s no substitute for a writer’s heart and soul, especially if that heart and soul are in close fellowship with God. Christian writers are Christians first, writers second. And we must zealously guard that order of priorities so it doesn’t get flip-flopped.

As writers, we are responsible for what we are “feeding” to our readers. True, they may not be able to tell if my heart is right with God when I’m writing a story, but I know. And so does God. And that matters.

Before we claim to write words for God, we need to be sure we are reading the Word of God. The Way, the Truth, and the Life are things we ought to be intimately connected to, so we can share it with others.

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