No “Wow”, just “Now”

Don’t mean to be a party-pooper, but do you know what I’m going to say when some wild-eyed person in a party hat comes up and shouts, “Do you know what tomorrow is?”?


“But…but, it’s a new year!”

“And I’ll live it the same way I’ve lived the past years: one day at a time.”

“Are you going to watch the new year come in?”


“Why not?”

“It doesn’t need my help.”

“Well. don’t you have any New Year’s resolutions?”

“Yes. I want to be a better husband and father, preacher and teacher, and writer.”

“Sooooooo, you do get into the New Year thing, huh?”

“Nope. I “get into” improving as a faithful steward of the things that God has entrusted to me.”

Seriously, friends, I’ve got nothing against resolutions or goals. In fact, I encourage them as a practical way to journey forward. And I’m certainly not against having a lot of fun along the way. I’ve even been accused of not being serious enough sometimes. I love humor. And if I can make someone smile, it makes me happy. I’ve just never been a “party animal.”

The real work of writing a novel isn’t accomplished in the “WOWs” of life. It’s hammered out in the “NOW” of life. And I want to improve the quality and the quantity of my writing beginning tomorrow–Tuesday–which happen to also be the start of a new year. Then I want to do the same on Wednesday, then Thursday, followed by Friday…you get the idea.

One thing I’ve come to admire about successful writers is how hard they work.

How hard are you willing to work in the “NOW” in order to reach your goals?

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